The earth is what we all have in common


We have been working in this sector for over 13 years and although there is still a long way to go, our pillar and focus has always been sustainability, from day one.

We have a very clear vision of what we want and what is needed, which is why we always choose to make choices that minimize the impact on the planet, whether in raw materials, accessories or even in the process.

We are very close to the “good” and the “bad” sides and, consequently, to the impacts of each one, so the creation of this brand was precisely to have something that clearly conveyed our values and our vision.

That we could encourage to do differently, to think differently, as a whole, in favor of something bigger, for a future generation in a better place. A purchase today is much more than just buying a product.

It involves taking a stand on the company’s values and supporting a specific way of doing business – much like voting!

Here’s the peak behind the scenes of what sustainability means to us and how our brand is helping to build a movement towards more responsible consumption.



In order for us to “simulate” the dyeing process and understand the behavior of the pieces in dimensional terms, it is essential that we carry out tests in washing machines.

However, in order to reduce our impact, we reuse water, that is, there is a whole mechanism that makes the water use in one wash, used in six washes, saving as much water as possible.



We are a totally Portuguese brand, designed and produced in Portugal. Producing in Portugal means working with certified materials, but also with certified partners.

We own the Oeko-Tex Certificate (download), and so we are used to the rigor that our country demands of us, as well as the rigor we demand of ourselves. We have a quality department, which operates at three different times and undergoes inspections and audits annually, so that we always have the necessary documentation and proof that we effectively comply with what we stand for.

We are a team of Portuguese souls, who work eight hours a day, under favorable conditions, with fair remuneration, thus being able to abolish all forms of exploitation around us. We never let our employees forget that life comes before work.

We highly value our local production and support for other local businesses, as this is what sustains our vision, the fact that we can “face” all the issues we consider important, thus affirming that sustainability is not just respecting the environment, but also to support the surrounding community.



We work as people for other people, which means that any harm or good we do concerns us all and, therefore, we believe that more than just saying, it is necessary to do. You have to contribute, you have to be there.

Thus, we decided to donate a percentage of the value of each piece sold to an environmental entity, so that we can contribute with something bigger, as the planet is what we all have in common.




beeket has always had a very defined profile, a modern woman with class, sure of herself, because all bodies are beautiful. An active woman full of life, that’s looking for comfort and quality in the pieces she wears. beeket wants to give you a boost of energy, confidence, power and above all, peace of mind. beeket will be your inspiration and motivation when you don’t have it, beeket will accompany your easiest moments and especially the most difficult ones. Beeket wants to make you feel beautiful, that you have value and that you deserve to dream of the best.