The beeket brand is a new project, yes, but it has a long history ... it results from the experience and knowledge that go back to 2008. In that year, the company "Oldtrading", owner and responsible for the launch of beeket, started to develop prototypes and producing special articles with seamless technology, aimed exclusively at the Private Label B2B market.

Now, 13 years later, beeket was born, directed to the female market, through B2C e-commerce, providing modern and active women with a unique concept. We decided to call this concept "4+1", that must incorporate four aspects: quality, comfort, fashion and technical functionalities, in which all of them are harmoniously integrated in the industrial process so that environmental sustainability is always present and in its maximum exponent.
We are convinced that through a B2C relationship we will have a unique, reliable and real-time perception of all the criticisms and suggestions from consumers, thus allowing us to improve the products that we are launching to the market every day. Through this important feedback, "the best of both worlds" is combined ... we created a brand that emerges directly from an industrial company that already has achieved a huge know-how and has easy access to the best and most innovative yarn producers.

Since beeket is a Portuguese brand in which all of its industrial process is carried out in Portugal at our company, “Oldtrading”, we are confident that all beeket products will be recognized for their high value, reliability and prestige, seeing that all staff and technical resources, as well as all raw materials and accessories, obey and respect all the standards and certifications in vigor in the European Union.

In addition to these demanding professionalism purposes, we also respect our mentality and are driven by it, making sure that our choices are always in line with what we consider to be the most correct, even if it is just details, and therefore, more than exposing what we believe, we want you to believe as well, that every day we can choose differently in favor of the common good, something greater than us.